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Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on the Beijing Olympics and Filming There

Well, I've been back for a month now and have been working tirelessly on making phone calls, reading, researching, making contacts, learning, learning and more learning! I finally have my answer regarding obtaining accreditation to go to Beijing to film Catherine during the marathon. I will not be going. I'm very disappointed because I really wanted to be there to capture footage myself and know that what I want and need is filmed but the reality is that even if I had received accreditation to go and access the events and Village, I still would not have been allowed to film anything. There are very stringent regulations and permissions for filming at any Olympics and even then the footage shot belongs to the International Olympic Committee and it would have to be licensed/purchased anyway. So, at least I have my answer, I was able to get to the right people in the highest of all places, the head of all media operations for the IOC in Switzerland so I know I have the answer from the right person and I feel good about that. I was also put in touch with the proper person who heads all Olympic Broadcasting and the organization and people there have been very nice. Hopefully I will be able to get some good footage from their archives after the games are over. Since Catherine is a favorite to win her event I was assured that there will be footage of her!
As disappointed as I am about not going, it also frees me up to concentrate on getting the budget worked out now and to concentrate on beginning filming which may happen as early as next week! I was not expecting that but I recently learned that a part of Catherine's training changes after a certain date and I want to be able to capture this part before it changes I'll go! It's been very challenging trying to figure out what I can and can not afford not having a budget worked out yet and also not knowing what I will definitely be able to raise. But, I am also learning that this is the dilemma of many documentary filmmakers so at least I am not alone! I have found a wonderful community online called doculink and the people there are amazing and so helpful and patient! In fact, I have found everyone in the documentary world so far to be amazingly accommodating and patient! You can't even imagine (well, some of you may be able to) how many questions I ask! The poor DP's that I have interviewed must be going crazy answering all of my questions! What format, what camera, do I want to shoot SD, HDV, HD, what camera manufacturer, if I use this one here and that one in Kenya, how will it all work, etc., etc., etc! Mind boggling to say the least and information overload! I am sure once I start working in the field that all of these things will become more evident to me. Right now it is just words on a page but once I see the differences between the cameras and the equipment in use, it will sink in (one can only hope!)

Well, Catherine arrives in PA today so hopefully I will see her soon and things will get under way. She is coming down to the nitty gritty now with her Olympic training so it will definitely be a balancing act getting the footage I need without interrupting her schedule and training!

I will post again after I start shooting!

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  1. Hey Stef! Sorry to hear about Beijing. I am certain you must be disappointed but I am also certian you work your way around it. I bet it wass exciting to have catherine here in PA. Good luck with this. i hope it turns out to be everything you had hoped for and more!! Good luck to catherine as well!!!
    Take care.


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