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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post Olympics

Today Catherine arrived from Beijing after a long day of traveling, however, her journey was not even close to being over. I picked her up at the airport just after 7am and she left for Kenya just after 8pm. She will arrive in Nairobi Thursday evening and leave Friday morning for Mombasa. She made a comment earlier that was very cute: "I'll be in the air so much I'm like a bird!"

When she arrived she look well rested and she told me of the wonderful time she had in China both at the Olympics and sightseeing in and around Beijing. When we got back to the athletes house I asked to see her silver medal. It was absolutely beautiful! It is in an oriental looking silver box with a pattern on it similar to small paisleys and it is fastened by a small toggle. Inside is a red lining with a gorgeous shiny red box. On top of the box it says Beijing 2008 with the Olympic rings. When you open that box you see the silver medal fitted into a little recessed circular area and the neck ribbon gets tucked underneath in a separate little compartment. I wanted to take some photos of Catherine with her medal but her phone kept ringing! Everyone knew she was back! While I waited for her to get off of the phone, each of the other athletes tried on the silver medal while I took their photographs. They were all so inspired and each of them mentioned how much they would like an Olympic medal!

When Catherine was off the phone I took several photos of her with her medal. She was wearing a red shirt and blended right in with the beautifully packaged medal!

After a short visit that included some Kenyan tea, I left because Catherine had a very hectic day running around taking care of various errands as well as fitting in a visit to the Chiropractor! She gave me the camcorder that she and Anthony used to take videos while in China and I have watched several; they had great fun with it!

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