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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Race Schedule

It's hard to imagine that it has been a year now since I started filming Catherine in the United States. She returned to Norristown, PA on Monday to begin training for the summer races. It is here that she is able to get her regular chiropractic visits and massage therapy and get to her best form. She loves her weekly visits to the chiropractor. She once said: "What it does for my muscles; it just makes me feel great. Just straighten up what is crooked....when you train you keep on having those kind of funny, funny structure, funny style of running so when you get adjusted, you get aligned." She went on to comment :
"You get addicted; like a drug {laughs} Same as massage you know? If you get used to like to run when you get massage, it's so hard for you to do without one - you just try like uh, to train for like two weeks without having massage- you just keep on feeling like your body is like a lump; you don’t move:. (while she does get massage back in Kenya, she does not get chiropractic care there; she doesn't feel there is anyone she can trust her body with there when it comes to adjustments).
So I know I'm glad when she is here and can keep her body from feeling like a lump! :-)

Summer Races
Catherine was in NYC for the mini 10k on June 7th where she placed 4th. Fortunately, she said her toe has been feeling much better!

This past weekend she was in London where you saw she won the Asics British London 10k.

Her next race will be the Bogota Half Marathon on August 2nd in Columbia.

On August 16th she will run the NYC Half Marathon.

And then in September, she will run the Philadelphia Distance Run where she will be going for her 7th win!

during 2008 Philadelphia Distance Run and after finishing 2nd

Catherine has not decided yet on her next marathon.

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