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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Updates: May 2010

I spoke to Catherine last week before leaving for my son's graduation from Duke (yes, I'm a proud mama!) Catherine said she had a nice but quiet Mother's Day with her husband.  Jane was away at school so she didn't get to spend time with her but had just seen her while Jane had a short break. Catherine said she has been training and receiving a lot of massage therapy and that the muscle tear is healing. She hopes to be back in the U.S. soon for training as well.

In news about the film, donations have not been coming in as well as hoped so we still have not been able to move ahead with the next step of logging all the footage we've shot, transcribing it all and getting translation for Swahili and Kikuyu dialogue. The economy has not helped but we are still hoping people will come forward and make whatever contribution they can at our website:
We are also still looking for corporate sponsors so if you know of an organization that may be able to help, please let us know! Every little bit counts!

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