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Saturday, April 9, 2011

IndieGoGo Campaign is Go, Go a Goin...Help us make it happen!

We are over half way there but have only 4 days left in our campaign to raise the funds needed for filming Catherine in Boston as she goes for an unprecedented 5th win! More important than that, however, we will be there to capture her doing what she does just as naturally as running: inspiring student athletes. You can see Catherine's face just light up when she is around children. She is in her glory and children are drawn to her. 

On Wednesday, our first scheduled day of shooting in Boston, John Hancock, in partnership with the Boston Scholar Athlete Program, brings members of Boston high school track teams together to meet and train with world-class marathoners, including past champions, Olympians, and top Americans.
I can't wait!

Please help ensure that we will have to funds to film all of the activities race week has to offer! Share our IndieGoGo campaign with everyone you know! click here to visit our IndieGoGo campaign
Check out the perks listed on the right side of the page and choose the one that you love best!

I'll be reporting from Boston next! Thank you to those who have supported us!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Week and Counting....

It is only one week until Catherine heads to Boston for the 115th Boston Marathon and we will be right with her filming! We need to film Catherine in Boston. That race is such a part of her resume that it would be a sin not to film with her there. The campaign to raise money for filming in Boston has been going very well and we are just shy of our half way mark! However, with only 8 days left on the campaign, we really need to step things up. Please click here or on the IndieGoGo link on the right side of this page and do what you can. As little as $10 will help and don't forget to check out the perks! 

Ok...end of plug :)

A lot has been happening! Catherine arrived last Tuesday and the next day went right to one of her favorite places when she is in the U.S.; Dr. Johnny-King-Marino's office! She doesn't get the chiropractic care in Kenya that she gets from Dr. Johnny!

This past weekend, Catherine ran in the Cooper River Bridge Run and placed 5th. More important than the place she took was that she ran injury free and felt good! Hopefully she is getting a little used to the East Coast weather here in the U.S.; it's been a little crazy. We've had temperatures range from the upper 70's to the low 30's! But, this should only prepare her more for Boston!

WinCatherine has been mentioned in a new blog: MyRun Australia so please check out the site!

I'll try to post again before heading up, otherwise, I'll be posting from Boston!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catherine Returns to the U.S.

Only 2 more days until Catherine returns to the U.S. to prepare for the Boston Marathon and only 16 more days in our fundraising campaign!  It's amazing, we got off to such a great start; Unfortunately. there was a glitch in the system and our fiscal sponsorship wasn't initially linked to the IndieGoGo campaign, so we had to refund a few donations and ask that the donors re-enter their contribution. So we're still waiting for them to re-donate but please don't let that stop you! We really need everyone's help here. With so many people out there in the on-line universe, it shouldn't be that difficult to raise $4000 to cover filming and the expenses related to it! Send the link to your friends, send it to your Facebook account, don't be afraid to send it anywhere because you just never know who you'll talk to or run in to!

Photo courtesy of Victah Sailer
See you in Boston! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New IndieGoGo Campain-Help us reach the finish line in Boston!

Memories from Boston 2010
Well, we got a little taste of spring in Pennsylvania yesterday and it reminded me that it is one month away from the Boston Marathon and almost time for Catherine to arrive back here to prepare for it! Time has flown by and it was almost a year ago that Catherine unexpectedly suffered an injury that prevented her from running Boston. This year she is back in good form and every excited to go back to the race where she is the only woman to have won there four times!
Parents and students equally excited to meet the Kenyans at The Elmwood School 2010
I'm really looking forward to filming with Catherine in Boston again because last year it was amazing to see how she affected everyone there, even when she wasn't able to run. It was awesome to see her with the other Kenyans interacting with the students at the Elmwood School in Hopkinton for Adopt-A-Marathoner day. This year some of the elite athletes will be visiting a high school and this presents an opportunity that we can't miss; this is where Catherine is in her glory, interacting with young people, encouraging them, motivating them and sharing her experiences with them.

I have created a new, short term IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds needed to film in Boston. The money will go towards paying the crew, hotel, meals, logging the footage and equipment. Whether or not you have donated before, please consider a donation to help us capture this special event. You can donate through the IndieGoGo website by clicking here .  Your contributions are tax deductible (to the extent of the law) due to WinCatherine being a fiscally sponsored project by Fractured Atlas.

If you prefer, you can also donate directly through the WinCatherine website.  It doesn't matter where you donate, but it does matter that you DO donate. Even as little as $10 or $20 will help us reach this short term goal! If you cannot make a contribution at this time, please pass the links on to your friends, family, Facebook friends, Twitter "tweeps", running clubs, bowling leagues, classmates, get the picture; anyone and everyone! The whole idea behind crowdfunding is a little from a lot of people works!

Stay tuned for progress and for reports from Boston. I'm looking forward to seeing Catherine at the end of the month when she is back in Philly; it seems like it has been so long!

Please help us reach the finish line of this short race; the longer race is still underway as we work towards completing WinCatherine: The Story of Wincatherine Nyambura Ndereba in time for the summer Olympics 2012!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Updates

As we near spring (finally!), I wanted to post some updates on Catherine's schedule. She will be running the Boston Marathon this year and is looking forward to it after being unable to compete last year due to her injury. Her manager, Lisa Buster, is working on creating a full schedule of events but for now, in addition to Boston, she will run a Half Marathon at the Gifu Marathon in Gifu Japan.

Gifu is the birthplace of Naoko Takahashi, and she will be in attendance. Catherine and Naoko hold a special bond; Takahashi held the womens' marathon world record (2:19:46)for only six days before Catherine smashed it with her 2:18:47 in Chicago 2001. I met Naoko Takahashi at the Sotokoto Marathon in Nairobi when we were filming in Kenya. She was lovely and had only great things to say about Catherine and she was sorry they didn't get a chance to visit with each other then. It is nice that they will get to visit together at Gifu.

There have been many news articles now that Catherine has "bowed to pressure" and will run the World Championships again this summer looking for a third title. It's not so much "bowing to pressure" as it is that she has wanted to give some of the younger girls the opportunity to compete, and there are a limited number of positions available on the team. Catherine is already the only woman to have won the World Championships twice.

As for filming of the documentary, we are still looking for funding. Film funding is highly competitive and we're hoping that the message this film brings will attract the sponsorship needed. Please remember to pass along our websites to your friends, family, business associates and anyone else you think may be able to help. It is through your help that we will finish the film in time for the 2012 Olympics!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

I spoke to Catherine on Christmas Eve and she was in great spirits being home for Christmas! Anthony was on "stand by" for work so they were unable to spend the holiday with his parents so they took Jane and Kevin (Catherine's nephew) to Anthony's parents to spend the day and Catherine stayed home to be with Anthony. They plan on going to church on Christmas morning and then having a bbq with friends after. It definitely is a joyous time of year in the Ndereba household :)

Catherine told me all about her recent trip to Japan which was for a different reason than her usual trips there. She filmed an episode of Fuji TV's Junk Sports and said it was a lot of fun! She "competed" alone against several teams and they did some running and from what it sounds like, it was a type of obstacle course. I would love to see it and will check to see if Fuji TV broadcasts online! If anyone catches the program, please let me know how it was!

Finally, as the year ends, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I am grateful for the support we have had to date for the film "WinCatherine" and am optimistic that the New Year will bring much needed sponsors and support. We really need to get the film edited and the remaining footage shot so it can be complete in time for the 2012 Olympic season. Please ask your friends, family and colleagues to visit the website and contribute what they can.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update on Catherine Ndereba and WinCatherine

Wow I hadn't realized how time has flown since my last post! With Catherine back in Kenya and so much work to do, the time just got away from me!

To get up to date, the IndieGoGo campaign ended and even though we fell short of our $10,000 goal, we have not given up! There are too many people looking forward to this film and to Catherine's story. Especially now that many American celebrities have taken up the cause against bullying, I feel it is important to get this story out to the world. Catherine is an excellent example of a child who did not let the bullies get her down, who did not let bullying define her or prevent her from achieving her goals! She also does not harbor resentment towards those who bullied her. 

I recall when we were filming in Kenya at her secondary school, Ngorano Secondary, one of the teachers had sent word that Catherine would be there and several of her former classmates were there when we arrived to film. I learned that one of the men there was one of the biggest bullies to her when she attended there! She treated him with the same respect as she did the others. She did not need to point out to him what his past actions were. Standing there as the success she is I'm sure was reminder enough to this man that his actions in the past were inappropriate. I can only hope that he has raised his children to be more respectful than he was.

Whether it is called teasing, bullying, or just plain being mean, how children treat each other is a major topic of discussion in the world today and for good reason. Children need to embrace their individuality and need to be more tolerant of others. This is one of the main messages we want to impart in the film.

Moving on to news of Catherine, she returned to Kenya at the end of October in time to be present for Jane's graduation ceremonies from Primary school to Secondary school! This was extremely important to both Catherine and her daughter because probably the biggest sacrifice Catherine has had to make for her career is the time she has missed watching Jane grow up. It was a very special occasion for the family to be together for this important event!  Catherine has been spending time at home with her family and enjoying having everyone together!

When Catherine left here, she had just finished nursing an injury to her foot that she sustained at a race she ran in Virginia. When I spoke with her she told me she has been increasing her mileage by 5 miles each week and was feeling great!  She should be up to about 30 or 35 miles a week by now.

As for news on the film, we are still in need of funds to get the footage edited. We are looking for individual donors as well as corporate sponsors. We know there are organizations out there that would love to be associated with this film and promote the central themes of womens empowerment, Title IX issues and the importance of girls in sports and education, anti-bullying, health and fitness and faith. If you or anyone you know may be interested in supporting the film with a sponsorship, please get in touch with me at 

Finally, I'd like to welcome any readers from Women Talk Sports; you'll notice their badge on this blog page. Please visit the site and check out the many great articles, blogs and contributors there!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Only 7 More Days to Help Fund WinCatherine on IndieGoGo

There are only 7 days left on our IndieGoGo campaign to help get us to the next stage of production and log all of our footage and get it transcribed and translated where necessary. All contributions are tax deductible and there are incentives as well! 

With celebrities now speaking out against bullying and bringing public awareness to the issue, now more than ever we need to tell this story to show our children that you do not have to be defined by what others say or think! Catherine overcame many obstacles and one of the biggest was the teasing she endured as a child.

Please log on to IndieGoGo and contribute what you can! We have had 2,172 views; that means if each visitor donated even $10, we would have raised $21,172! If each visitor had donated even $5, we would have raised $10,860 and met our goal! So even if you think a little doesn't help, it really does! Let's see if we can reach our goal in the next 7 days!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post Fundraiser

So it has been two weeks since the “Prefontaine Film & Fundraiser” to benefit the making of the documentary film WinCatherine: The Story of Wincatherine Nyambura Ndereba and I am just now getting to posting about it. I apologize for the delay. Life has been very hectic and time was marching by but I wanted to share my thoughts.

I am very grateful to Johnny King-Marino for suggesting this event and for promoting it to his patients, co-workers, running clubs and friends, as well as for bringing on sponsors to cover the cost of the theater! It was a very generous gesture on his part and I am deeply grateful.

The night started off well when I actually got a metered parking space right outside of the theater.  It doesn’t sound that important, but I had a lot of items to get out of the car and into the theater.  The staff at The County Theater was great; they were so nice and very accommodating. They gave us a table to display concessions and allowed us to sell whatever we wanted so the proceeds could go to the film. They even donated the popcorn for us to sell!

Audience patiently awaits the event to begin
 I called the event for 6:30 expecting it would take time for people to get settled before starting with the trailer at 6:45. I didn’t count on people arriving early and the matinee before us to run a little beyond 6:30 but everyone was patient!

Catherine arrived with her manager, Lisa (who is also my sister), as well as Simon Ndirangu, (one of her training mates while in Norristown) my parents and Dr. Johnny. They had all gone out for Philadelphia cheesesteaks before! 
Catherine & manager Lisa Buster greet attendees
Catherine greets attendees

The audience awaits the start

Catherine in the audience

By 7pm it was time to start with the showing of the WinCatherine trailer. 
The WinCatherine trailer plays before an almost full house
When it ended Prefontaine began. I was nervous but knew that no matter what, people would leave the theater inspired! The time flew and before I knew it the films were over. I had wanted Catherine to speak to everyone but she did not want to. I am not good at speaking in front of audiences but wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us. I was able to speak better than I expected and I sincerely believe that was because I am passionate about WinCatherine! I feel it is so important for all of us to have role models who have been able to overcome teasing and obstacles to realize their dreams. Especially in light of recent news and so much awareness now about bullying and teasing, Catherine’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.
Speaking to the audience after

When the event ended, Catherine stayed behind to talk to people and take photographs with them.
Catherine poses with fans George Bruno & Karla Kay Shantz

 Many people thanked us for a nice evening and I was relieved that people were not only entertained, but also inspired. My hope is that the people who attended will pass on the WinCatherine website, blog and IndieGoGo websites and generate more donations. We really need to raise more money and finally get into editing; we are getting so close to the end of 2010 and that means closer to the 2012 Olympics and I know we need to capitalize on the Olympic momentum that will start building in 2011! 

Simon Ndirangu (L) & Catherine Ndereba (R)

There are ONLY 30 DAYS LEFT on our IndieGoGo campaign.  Please don’t forget to visit WinCatherine on IndieGoGo to make your donation and you can help make WinCatherine a reality!


Catherine Ndereba & my mom, Arlene Buster
Me and Catherine Ndereba

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tonight is our fundraising event in Doylestown, Pennsylvania where you can meet Catherine Ndereba in person! Johnny King-Marino & Advanced Sports Chiropractic, in conjunction with HighRoad Cycles MultiSport Club and the Endurance Sports Expo (ESE) will present the feature film Prefontaine along with a special big screen showing of the fundraising trailer for the documentary film on Catherine Ndereba-- WinCatherine: The Story of Wincatherine Nyambura Ndereba. 
It will be an inspiring night of screenings! Prefontaine is the story of Steve Prefontaine, a young long-distance runner from Oregon who pursued the dream of Olympic Gold. Although his story turns out tragically, he still inspires people to reach for their dreams. WinCatherine is a story that will inspire athletes and non-athletes alike. Even this fundraising trailer will inspire you!

I know a lot of you won't be able to make this event because you're not nearby but there are still ways you can help! Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign here or the Official WinCatherine Website here and click on "Donate". 

For those of you lucky enough to be nearby, we hope to see you at The County Theater, 20 E. State St., Doylestown, PA TONIGHT!

 Details of the event can be found here: WinCatherine Fundraiser

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



If you are in the Philadelphia area, or within a reasonable driving distance, DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to MEET CATHERINE NDEREBA 
at a special event!

Advanced Sports Chiropractic
Tickets are limited and only $10.00!


Sponsored By:

 If you are not able to attend, you can STILL HELP! Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign, check out our incentives and donate there! (contributions tax deductible according to the information on the IndieGoGo page

And, don't forget to visit us on Facebook and re-post any of these events to your page:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Race for Catherine

Well, for a minute it looked like Catherine was going to run the new ING Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (formerly the ING Philadelphia Distance Run) this weekend but things have a way of changing. Now, Catherine will headline an inaugural race starting in Virginia, and heading across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Maryland, for an event not surprisingly called the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon! I can only imagine how exciting it must be for a race director to be able to bring such an accomplished runner to an inaugural event!  Check out the website for this race here.  You can also check out the press release.

Catherine will be on hand Friday at the packet pick up and also on Saturday she will be at the Westin National Harbor to sign autographs and talk about her career. (For those of you not near that area but closer to the Philadelphia or NJ area, please check out where you can meet Catherine on Wed. September 22nd! meet Catherine Ndereba.

Knowing Catherine, I'm sure she is all too happy to talk to a new group of people and share her story!

Look for Catherine to be wearing bib #1 and don't forget to check back after the weekend for photos!

As always, if you can help out with a donation to the documentary, please visit our IndieGoGo campaign and check out our incentives!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Post Crim and Some Blogs to Check Out

Catherine returned to Flint, MI this past weekend to run the 2010 Crim Festival of Races 10 mile. When asked how many time she had won the race, she said "like three or four times" but someone corrected her that it was actually SIX times! She really had no idea just how successful she has been at the Crim!  She won every year from 1996-2002 except for 1997 when she was pregnant and did not run.  She had not been back since 2002 because each year since, she has been training for either the World Championships or the Olympics, and it did not fit into her training schedule. She was genuinely glad to be back and had told me while we were cooking the weekend before, that she was looking forward to it. She placed 5th and was very happy with that. She has now run three races since coming off her injury and she's feeling healthy. Her speed work is also progressing so things are good!

As for the documentary, we are still looking for donations and sponsors for the film and hopefully this week we will see a new surge in people who want to see this film happen and are able to donate.  Several bloggers have written posts and I'd like to thank them here.

I want to send a huge shout out to Leah at her Chasing Atlanta blog. She wrote a post about WinCatherine and asked her readers to check out our websites and help out if they can! Chasing Atlanta is a great running blog so please check it out and look through her previous posts as well. 

I also want to send a big thank you to Ryan at I Run Flint for the blog post letting his readers know about the WinCatherine documentary and asking them for help as well! Please check out his blog that is also full of inspiring stories. Ryan also sent in photos taken of Catherine at the Crim race last weekend. 

Thanks also to everyone who has already helped out and supports this inspirational film. Keep passing on our IndieGoGo campaign to your friends and family and together we will make it happen!
photo courtesy of Ryan Litwiller

photo courtesy of Ryan Litwiller

photo courtesy of Ryan Litwiller